If you're coming to Toronto to visit friends or family or are in town as part of a convention you're going to want to know what's going on in the city during your visit. After you book your hotel reservations, take some time out of your schedule to look up the goings-on in the city. Look up what events are taking place in town, where the top shopping is to be found, and find out what are the top places to go and see or where to eat.

You want your vacation to be as fun as possible. If you're visiting Toronto for work reasons, you want to be able to spend the time away from your co-workers to have a blast and not worrying about work related matters. So let us get you started on some places you should see and things you should do while visiting Toronto. You've probably heard everybody tell you this already but the first place on your must see venue in Toronto is the CN Tower. Just so you can see the view of Toronto while you're at the top of a building that goes 550 metres into the sky. 550!

You're also going to want to make your way down to the Steam Whistle Brewery and take a tour. It doesn't matter if you drink beer or not. The Steam Whistle Brewery is located inside a historic Toronto building known as the Roundhouse. You'll get to take in a bit of old school Toronto culture, maybe see some old artwork and indulge yourself in some of the finest beer in Toronto.

If you're an avid shopper and always looking for deals or need to pick something up like a toothbrush that you forgot to pack then Honest Ed's is the perfect place for you. It's hard to miss seeing that the marquee sign outside is powered by 23,000 light bulbs. Honest Ed's claims to be the world's first ever bargain shop. Whatever you need, be it contemporary artowrk, world flags, or porcelain dolls, you'll find it at Honest Ed's. You could spend hours circling around the store and not even realize it.

What we mentioned in the above article should get you started on your Toronto sightseeing excursion. Make sure to do your own research so you won't miss out on any hot spots you are interested in seeing. Have fun visiting Toronto!

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