When you make a trip to Toronto, whether it's to check in with your long lost relatives or to visit the CN Tower, you want your trip to go smoothly. Toronto is a busy city and at any given time you can expect there to be several conferences and events going on that will attract visitors. That's why you should always make a reservation at a hotel when you know you're going to be staying overnight in Toronto. Here are some tips on making reservations.

Don't Wait Too Long

You may think that you can wait until the weekend before your trip to phone the hotel and make a reservation, but things fill up fast, especially in the summer during peak tourist season and when major events (like a Blue Jays game) and conventions are occurring. Events like the big industrial vehicle convention or trade shows are planned months in advance. So if you want to book accommodations during that time - or at any time - you should book months in advance too. Regular vacationers who make Toronto their destination each year often book for next year when they're checking out.

Get Confirmation

Many hotels now offer more convenient e-reservations options. Keep in mind that when you're booking online, not all hotels have the same system. Some online reservations systems may tap directly into the booking system but most simply send your "request" to an operator. Sending a request does not mean you automatically have a booking, and getting an email doesn't mean you're booked either. Often it just means they received your request. To know you're booked and reduce anxiety, since you're already preoccupied with other planning, always make sure you have a confirmation number that you can quote if you run into trouble.

Find Out the Check-In Time

Unless you pay for your room in advance when you make your booking, hotels are under no obligation to hold your room for you past a certain time. After 10 or 11 o'clock, they may give your room away to guests who just walked in from. Therefore find out what time they'll be expecting you by and inform them if you will be later than that and need them to hold the room. Also inform them if you'll be needing to check in early, as most hotels have check-in times in the afternoon but can accommodate the odd guest arriving in the morning.

Double Check Facts

Once you make your booking go over the facts and make sure they're correct. This includes the dates of your stay (remember, hotels deal in nights, not days), the number of people, the type of room, and the name and address of the hotel. It feels like a big rock dropping in to your stomach when you realize too late that you made a mistake.

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