Sometimes frequent visitors to Toronto find themselves wanting to upgrade from a hotel to some private Toronto real estate, either for an extended stay or to make their residency permanent. But then the question becomes, do they want to buy a condos A house in the suburbs? Or what about a town home? Should they go luxury or scale back their ambitions and get a more reasonably sized and priced home. If you're considering a purchase, here are some style and pricing options.

Small House

A lot of people buying real estate in the area are shopping for new condos. Toronto has many more options than just that. A small detached bungalow or two storey home, for instance, can provide more living space and privacy with a smaller price tag than a luxury condo. If you're willing to live in Burlington you can get a bungalow for only $326,000 while a two story home of smaller size can be had for around $380,000 in Etobicoke and Scarborough.

Large House

Of course, people who are used to staying in luxury hotels - and can afford it - are more likely to want larger, more spacious luxury homes. Toronto Beaches real estate of this type will run you approximately $950,000 and a mansion in the exclusive neighborhoods of Moore Park or Lawrence Park will cost in excess of two million dollars. Woodbridge, however, has reasonable large home prices - around $450,000.

Town House

An agent can help you afford the perfect townhome, a very popular form of real estate because they allow the owner to have their own freestanding property close enough to the inner city to be able to walk or take a short public transit ride to work. Many of Toronto's neighborhoods feature town homes, including Bloor West Village, the Beaches, and Cabbagetown. Prices range on average from $460,000 to $575,000 for a town home in these areas.


There are many neighborhoods in the GTA where the only form of available housing is apartments and condos. Many residents like condos because they make it possible to live close to work without breaking the bank. You can get a standard condo in the waterfront area of downtown for about $415,000 - $350,000 if you're willing to live up near Bloor. Luxury units will run you closer to $510,000 in Bloor and a million dollars on the waterfront.

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