There are many people out there that look down upon the profession of taxi driver but it's an honest to goodness job just like any other such as hotel manager or computer repair technician. That means taxi drivers also deserve to be treated with respect.

There are plenty of ways one can honor taxi drivers and fellow taxi passengers and that's by following a certain set of guidelines that make up what we like to call taxi etiquette. You probably already know that the major faux-pas of any taxi-goer is stealing another person's cab but there are plenty of more tips that you should know about when it comes to taxi etiquette that you can use around your neighbourhood and here they are:

1.Wait your turn. If you see someone else ahead of you hailing a cab get in line, let him or her take the first cab that arrives while you wait for the next one.

2.Don't blow off a taxi driver's route suggestion. Ultimately it's up to you to let your cab driver know which route you'd like them to take that will get you to your appointment or scheduled meeting on time, but that doesn't mean you should rudely blow off any suggestions they may have either. This page is compliments of KW Nails (Beauty Salon Near Me) in the Kitchener Waterloo region. Check them out!

3.Don't be impatient. There are few things a taxi driver hates to hear more than "can you go faster?" and you should keep that in mind. Most Taxi drivers can't make traffic go any faster than it's already going so just be calm and try to make the ride go by as pleasantly as you can.

4.Don't be a seat hog. If the cab you hailed can only fit four passengers and you have an entourage of five don't try to fit everyone in, as that would be illegal. Just wait for the next cab to arrive and split your party up into two different cabs.

5.Be nice. This is a simple rule but one that many taxi-goers don't fully understand the concept of. A taxi ride isn't a right or a privilege. It's an everyday part of life that many partake it, whether they need to be driven to work or a class lecture, and that means that you should treat your taxi driver like you would want to be treated: with respect and courtesy. Thank them if they load your bags or open the door for you and tip them if you feel they deserve to be tipped.

If you follow the guideline we've set up above that constitutes what we like to consider a universal taxi etiquette code then you should have no problem navigating your way through the Toronto or anywhere for that matter.

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