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Whenever you go on vacation and you are going to be staying at a hotel or bed and breakfast you have the right to ask for any special requests you want, as long as they are reasonable. It's your vacation and your money that you're spending and you want to enjoy your vacation as much as possible and want to get your money's worth.

Whatever type of venue you will be staying at for your vacation, the owners want their guests to enjoy your stay with them. They don't want any guest to go home unsatisfied because that's bad for business. So they're ready for your special requests and are willing to serve your every whim (within reason of course).

Special requests can include things such as wanting to stay in a non-smoking room, airport shuttle service, privacy screens, cable TV channels, extra towels, a room with a view, arranging a tour, late checkout, a room away from the elevator, two single beds instead of double or queen size bed, or a stocked mini fridge, just to name a few.

When booking your room at a hotel you should tell the person you're talking to about your special requests to make sure they can accommodate you. You don't want to book a room and find out once you've checked in that they don't offer what you need and can't meet your special requests. If that were to happen you would either have to deal with the setback or switch to a different hotel, both of which could be a hassle to you and your travel companions.

Your special requests will be based on your needs and the needs of anybody else you're traveling with. If you're traveling with small children you might request that your room not have any glass coffee tables or mini fridges full of candy. If you're traveling with seniors you probably want a room on the ground floor. If you're traveling with pets you should let your venue know so they can make accommodations that will take care of any pet requests during your stay.

Special requests are meant to ensure that you have the most pleasant stay as possible during your vacation and most vacation rentals, hotels, b&b's, etc. are prepared for any special requests that will achieve that. As long as you aren't making absurd special requests such as having ice cream brought to your room every hour you will find that hotels and bed and breakfast vacation resorts will go out of their way to make your special request come true. The service industry is all about the customer and their wants and needs.

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