The great thing about living in Toronto is that no matter what your medical issues are, you can find a practitioner that will help you. Toronto has numerous top notch hospitals that specialize in everything from treating grievously ill children to fostering addiction recovery. Whether you support western medicine or would rather try alternative treatments, there's a practitioner out there in Toronto. Here are just a few of the medical specialties you'll find in Toronto.

If you're smart, you go to your family doctor regularly for checkups. As you get older, you'll likely find that you're having more problems with your blood and circulation. If you live in Toronto, your doctor can give you a referral to a cardiologist. Your cardiologist can have you run on a treadmill in Toronto for a stress test and determine your state of overall cardiac health better than any family doctor, which just might save your life if you have risk factors for heart disease.

If running on your treadmill at home isn't giving you the results you desire as far as body shape goes, there are doctors in Toronto that can help you by giving you elective cosmetic surgery procedures. Some of the plastic surgeries you can have in Toronto include rhinoplasties, liposuction, face lifts, and breast and buttock augmentation. Toronto hospitals will charge you out of pocket for elective procedures, however, so make sure you have savings or additional medical insurance.

In addition to your regular medical doctors, you should also visit your dentist in Toronto twice yearly to keep up with your oral health. There are almost as many dental specialties in Toronto as medical specialties, ranging from cosmetic dentists who focus on the look of your smile to sleep dentists who will give you anesthesia before procedures to children's pediatric dentists who work only with little ones to dental surgeons who can install your or dental implants.

If you haven't had much luck seeking treatment through doctors at hospitals and clinics, you might be interested in turning to alternative medicine practitioners, of which there are many in Toronto. Whether you want a Toronto naturopathic doctor, a homeopathic healer, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a reiki master, or even a practitioner of Chinese medicine, all you have to do is look in the Yellow Pages to see all of your options. Just be aware that these services are typically not covered under provincial health plans.

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