Majesteas might not just be a clever play on "tea" as so many tea shops seem unable to resist the urge to pun. Co-owner Ian Macdonald actually has some kind of in with the Windsors, as evidenced by the display case boasting numerous personal invitations to royal events, and even a note from the Queen herself (well, somebody that spoke on behalf of the Queen but still...). This might explain the apparent lust for tea at Leslieville's newest specialty shop.

I won't lie, this is probably the smallest tea shop I've been in to date. But the cabinets are packed full of custom blends, and other high quality imports from around the globe - and the seating is ridiculously comfortable. It's hard not to get sucked into the calm surroundings, where time almost seems to stand a bit still, even when it's counting down on the timer you get when you order a cup.

So Downtown Toronto is where the action is. Just as a professional in Toronto wants to buy their condo downtown so they can be close to work and not miss anything exciting that's going on, tourists tend to concentrate their hotel searches in the downtown area as well. They don't want to waste a lot of time commuting into the downtown area to take advantage of all the attractions. After all - they only have a certain amount of vacation time. Here at Toronto Downtown Hotels, we support this idea wholeheartedly.

The problem is that even with focusing your search on the downtown neighborhoods, you still come up with several hundred hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and hostels. Most people who are planning vacations or reconnaissance trips to check out points of interest in downtown Toronto don't have several months to sift through all the different places to stay and choose one. That's where websites like ours come in - they help people narrow down the list and choose what's best for them.

How do we help? As experts in the field of accommodation in Toronto, we're already familiar with all the types of places to stay and can point you to a particular type or location depending on your needs as a person and your goals for your trip. For instance, if you're devoting your entire trip to replenishing your wardrobe, you'll want a hotel close to the expensive shopping district on Bloor Street, and if you need a special type of accessibility, we can show you which hotels can and can't accommodate you.

Of course, budget is often a major factor in hotel choice, and as you've probably figured out, downtown Toronto is the most desirable and most expensive district you can stay in. That doesn't mean you need to break the bank just to come up and look at Toronto, just that you need to be more savvy about your choice. We can give you tips and advice on finding the cheapest places to stay so that a Toronto vacation can be within the grasp of anyone.

Through our special combination of reviews, information, and advice, we can direct you to the best place for you. If you want a hotel with butler service, we can tell you where to find it. To get started on your hotel search, scroll up to the navigation bar and start browsing the articles on Toronto Downtown Hotels. We've got everything you need right here in one convenient location. Simply start by choosing your vacation type, budget range, or special need from the list.

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